My name is Tim. Eighteen months ago I was living in a nursing facility, dying of AIDS. In my late fifties I became involved with drugs which led to losing my job, my insurance, my home, my credit and my health. With the help of Ursuline Piazza’s educational programs, I took advantage of counseling sessions offered, learned about my virus, and became more responsible for my medical care. The Ursuline Piazza assisted me in joining HIV organizations that helped me with housing, medical assistance and nutrition. They even helped me enroll in the Ohio Department of Health’s medication assistance program, receive medication from the Free Clinic, retain counsel from Legal Aid, and regain my social security funds from creditors. They also matched me with an HIV specialist at Metro Health where I receive case management. My virus is currently suppressed and undetectable. Thanks to the Ursuline Piazza I am thriving in the community and am a productive citizen, once again. ~ Actual patient testimonial


A Good Friend of Ursuline Piazza says,

     I am an individual that has been living with HIV/AIDS for over 28 yrs.
Prior to coming to Club 95 at Ursuline Piazza I isolated myself. Sister Susan and her programs gave me the confidence to socialize again. Thanks to Sister Susan, I have become a more active participant in my healthcare. Once I became involved with Ursuline Piazza I have become more of an advocate. Ursuline Piazza has assisted me in so many ways with my advocacy efforts by helping me complete the necessary forms to attend conferences as well as providing me with new opportunities to speak with my peers. For me, Ursuline Piazza has done more to help me than any other agency I’ve come in contact with in my AIDS journey.


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