Programs and Services

Programs and Services

     For the individuals served, support from the Ursuline Piazza program increases the likelihood of patient adherence to care regimens, as well as linkage to existing community HIV services, programming and funding, thereby achieving a reduction in re-hospitalizations, and an increased quality of life.

     The Ursuline Piazza program addresses access to care issues by offering wrap-around services to HIV-positive clients, plus their families/caregivers and health care providers.  Services include: Periodical HIV/AIDS update programming for the staff of St. Augustine and other health care professionals; bi-weekly mental health counseling sessions for all Piazza clients provided by Ursuline Sisters Jennifer Corlett, Ph.D., a licensed professional clinical counselor.  Clients are also assisted in preparing to access existing services in the community; transportation to and from the Manor and other health services as needed; locating local food pantries; individual reminder calls to Piazza clients regarding medication regimens, counseling and medical appointments, and support group meetings; organizes in-house memorial services on behalf of residents who pass away.

     The following list summarizes our programs and services, but please contact us for more information and up-to-date schedules and offerings:

  1. Patient Education
    a. Written Information
    b. Club 95
    c. Private Counseling
  2. Staff Education
    a. Programs on/off Site
    b. Written Updates
    c. Available to staff for Questions & Answers
  3. Wrap Around Services
    a. Face-to-face Medicaid appointments
    b. Assistance with forms
    c. Access to Ryan White Case Management
    d. Access to Agency Assistance
    e. Doctor visits
    f. Reminder calls
    g. Encouragement
    h. Access to Birth certificates, IDs, Social Security Printouts


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