If You Have HIV/AIDS

Six Important Things If You Have HIV/AIDS

1)  Establish a good, honest relationship with an HIV specialist.

  • Your honesty will help your doctor recommend the treatment that is best for your lifestyle
  • Tell your doctor if you use alcohol, drugs or over-the-counter medications, they may interfere with your treatment

2)  Keep track of your health care.

  • Use a calendar to remind yourself of medical appointments
  • Keep a record of your lab results, especially CD4 and viral load – this will help you to see whether or not your meds are working

3) Be loyal to your medication regimen.

  • Take your meds exactly as prescribed
  • If you will be away from home – take your meds with you

4)  Educate yourself on the virus.

  • Community-based organizations can put you in touch with available resources
  • Find HIV-related magazines or websites to stay updated
  • Attend HIV programs sponsored by AIDS Services Organizations or your clinic

5)  Carefully consider to whom you tell about your HIV status.

  • Most people find it helpful to tell at least one close friend or family member
  • You MUST tell sexual partners – It’s an Ohio law!

6)  If you believe in a higher power, your spirituality can be a support to you.

  • Prayer and meditation may help you find peace
  • Counseling or Support Groups may assist you

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